jeudi 29 mars 2012

10 things to do !!
  1. Make my Passport for this August  
  2. Buy new biker jacket
  3. Practice my korean for the TOPIK in 2 weeks ᅲ,ᅲ (complétement foirée T.T)
  4. Repair my car haha ~.~' 
  5. Send letters for my pen pals.  
  6. Sell everything I no longer need. (Shoes ~a lot, TV, Dvds, Books, ...)
  7. MAKE SPORTS AGAIN !! Really really need before this summer !! (Yes, to lose weight. After 3 weeks, i've already lose 5.8kg Yosh \o/)
  8. Find a new JOB !
  9. Put new hair extensions (If you have a good website who sell it ~)
  10. Buy a birthday present for my Daddy

D - 15   before the TOPIK X_X
D - 141   before Seoul

안녕 ~

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